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Founded in 2004, First Offshore Management Consultancy has been providing high quality Company formation and management services in the UAE for thousands of clients from all over the Globe. Whether you are a startup company, an existing business, or an individual simply requiring your own trade license and visa to operate from within the UAE, Firstoffshore will ensure that your Company process is completed with the least amount of interruption to your day-to-day life style. With over 14 years of experience, working with all of the Free Zones and government entities throughout the UAE, we recognize the complexities that face clients. We won't burden you with understanding the multitude of processes. With our continued assistance and support team on hand, Firstoffshore makes the process far more straightforward and affordable than you might think.

Why choose Firstoffshore

  • Our Consultations services are offered completely free of charge.

  • We ensure that we give time to listen to our clients needs, so that we can fully understand their objectives and ultimate goals

  • Our advice is totally impartial when we discuss the options on where to set up your new company.

  • We provide complete transparency on costs, timelines and documentary requirements.

  • Our door is always open, so that you can approach us with any complications that you may be facing.

  • Over 50% of our new business is based on referrals to us by our existing database of clients.

  • Firstoffshore is a licensed government agent for all 3 offshore jurisdictions within the UAE.

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Great service at the right price.

Over many years, First Offshore has set a benchmark by providing a high quality service, but at affordable prices. Our aim is to be your ‘Information Bureau’ and single point of contact. Complete transparency is paramount to achieving our client’s satisfaction.

“We have been doing this for years so why change a winning formula?