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Professional's who want to operate as an independent contractor, in the form of a sole practitionercan obtain a government permit and work freely.


A Freelancer is a professional who will operate as an independent contractor and in the form of a sole practitioner to undertake the permitted business from RAKEZ.


  • A Freelancer shall conduct business in his/her own birth name as opposed to a company name.
  • Freelancers shall not be eligible to open a Corporate Bank Account.
  • No Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation or Partner list shall be issued under the Freelancer Permit.
  • The Freelancer can select only 1 activity per Permit and gets only 1 visa eligibility (employment visa).
  • A Freelancer can hold only 1 permit – No additional permit allowed.
  • Freelancers shall not be eligible to appoint any staff or obtain additional visa under the permit.
  • A Freelancer permit holder cannot have a Permit as well as RAKEZ License at the same time. If the Freelancer wishes to upgrade to Full company package, the Freelancer permit will have to be cancelled.
  • The Freelancer cannot be permitted as a Freelancer by the Authority whilst sponsored by another UAE company or authority.


  • Name and details of the applicant
  • Segment of the Permit (Media or Education) and the proposed activity.
  • Valid Passport Copy
  • Valid visa page (for UAE resident)
  • Sponsor’s NOC (if applying for a permit without visa)
  • Portfolio/sample of works (for media-related activities)
  • Portfolio/sample of works or Qualification Certificate (for education-related activities)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Business plan detailing the proposed business
  • 2 Professional References with contact details or Letter of Intent from a potential business partner stating their interest in working with the freelancer.


Approximate 2 working days for the permit.
Approximate 14 working days for the visa


Starting from AED 14,500 ( including Government cost and our service fee ).

Not including the visa cost

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