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Virtual Business Facility

Providing you with a full selection of those important Business Facilities:

Document clearing, POA preparation, legal translations, Attestations, Apostille, secretarial and more.

Manage your business remotely with our ‘Virtual Business Facility.’

Phone answering facility.

One of our trained team will receive any incoming calls you may have. Each call will remain confidential and handled under your prior instructions, giving you peace of mind that you wont missed any important phone calls.

Email handling.

With our dedicated email service your secretary will receive, respond to, or forward any incoming important emails that you receive.

Document handling

Any document can be swiftly prepared and processed, saving you valuable time and resources.

  • POA preparation.
  • Resolutions.
  • Corporate formats.
  • Banking resolutions.
  • Scanning and copying facilities.

Translation services

First Offshore can provide all your translation services from simple documents to those documents that require ‘legal’ translation.

Embassy and Ministry document processing.

Should you require any attestation (evidencing of documents) or Apostille (endorsement of documents,) we have trained staff to provide any Embassy or Ministry service throughout the UAE.

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